It’s Time!    Wake up and Experience Your True Identity!

Ignite your God-Given Gifts and Talents and Fulfill Your Purpose!

Have you ever took a moment to watch nature that is around us.  God created every creature for a purpose.  From predator to prey even our road kill gets cleaned up by nature creating an amazing circle of life.  So why would it be any different for you and me?

We each have been created with unique gifts and talents.  God has given us dreams and desires for our lives.  It’s time to wake up to your Identity, ignite those gifts and talents, and fulfill your purpose.

At IPG we believe it’s possible through 3 simple steps of spiritual, emotional, and physical harmony.

Spiritual: This is the Awshua.  The very breath of God.  The divinity within all of us.  The Great I AM!

Emotional: Your emotions and feels have a purpose.  They help you to interpret your world and navigate through life.

Physical: Your interactions with the physical world around you includes your behaviors, actions, and interactions with people and life situations.

When you bring these three aspects of life into balance you can accomplish things that you only ever dreamed.

Don’t let another year pass you by.

Take the Journey with us!  You’ll be glad you did!


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