About Us

Troy and Eileen have been married for over 16 years and have 3 beautiful children.  They understand the challenges that everyone faces in today’s demanding world.

IPG wasn’t born out of their desires but rather the needs of others.  In the last quarter of 2010 many of their friends and neighbors asked them to open their home and start a bible study.  But Troy and Eileen both know that an individual’s spiritual connection to God is only one part to achieving success in life.

Troy has been an Ordained Minister for over 10 years and is a gifted teacher and motivational speaker.  He has traveled the world teaching people to build wealth and improve their lives through spiritual, mental and physical breakthroughs.  He knows how to ignite your God-given gifts and talents and fulfill your purpose in this world while rising above the constant obstacles that seem to keep you from moving forward.

Eileen has worked in the crisis counseling field and ministry since 1991.  She is  experienced in helping people heal from mental and psychological issues in order for them to grow, flourish, and create the lives they always dreamed.  She currently holds a bachelor degree in psychology and is  working toward her Master’s in order to receive her license as a Mental Health Counselor.

They hope the information, articles, blogs, and pod-casts from this site will help you on your Journey of Identity, Purpose, and Growth.


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