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Chronologicial Bible Reading Schedule

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Meeting 1-27-11 Part One

Last night I thought we had a great meeting.  It gave us a time to ask questions and have a dialogue about what our concept of God was and how that makes us interact, follow, and feel about him and ourselves.  We also discussed what we are all wanting and looking for.  It was a wonderful time of sharing and I want to thank everyone for being so open.

And what I learned was we are all different.  We are all in different places with our relationship with God and that there is no set formula of how we connect with him.  He talks to each of us differently and we each connect with him differently.  For one it was meditating quietly or walking the dog.  For others they take specific time to pray out loud and listen to music.  Some read scripture while others don’t seem to get a lot out of it.  This is so important and freeing to know that what works for you and how God speaks to you isn’t the same as everyone else.

So I encourage you as you continue on this Journey be free.  Cast aside other people’s ideas of what you must do to connect with God.  Don’t limit him or yourself.  Don’t be influenced or controlled by them.  Become aware of what works for you.  You may be very artistic and connect when you are writing, singing, painting, etc.  You may be very logical and need scripture.  You may just enjoy being out with nature and you feel connected.  Find what works for you and enjoy your time with God!  Then secondly work on recognizing how he communicates with you.  What is it that creates those light bulb moments for you.  Do you get insight reading the word or do you get pictures?  Is it an audible voice or perhaps just a whisper?  When you know how to connect it’s easier to stay connected.  When you know how he speaks to you it’s easier to listen.


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